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We are unable to release iSnake Game Server Manager (GSM), which tracks all the iSnake game servers hosted over the internet, as SF only has support for PHP 4. We are working to create a PHP 4 port of iSnake GSM which was created using libraries available in PHP 5 and will release it soon.

Project Description:

iSnake aims to bring the fun and simplicity of snake game (popular among cell phone users) with some new features. It includes a computer controlled intelligent opponent whose aim is to challenge the human players during the game. It also has the multiplayer feature that allows more than one players to play a game over a network. The simplicity of this game makes it an ideal candidate for our research in multiplayer functionality and artificial intelligence in games. iSnake source code has been released under GNU General Public License.


Visit iSnake Document Repository for all the documents (reports, slides, etc) related to this project

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Last Updated: Mar. 10, 2009